About us


The Alabama Faith Council exists so clergy, religious leaders and members of communities of faith may consult with each other, draw on one another’s faith and wisdom, and seek the best actions possible for the people of Alabama, especially those whose needs are the greatest and those whose resources in life are the least.  The Alabama Faith Council works to build a beloved Alabama by nurturing interfaith relationships and responding faithful to issues of mutual concern.


We believe:


  • Every aspect of life is sacred to people of God.

  • All people are thereby inherently equal in their humanity, worth and dignity.

  • By working together we create a safer and stronger community.

  • Dialogue among members and member groups essential to build trust.

  • Speaking on issues collectively is better than speaking alone.

  • Communities of faith can make a positive contribution to the common good through compassionate support of and listening to the voices of the poor and vulnerable.


How We Work


Our members are intentional about working toward deepening the relationships formed with active members and expanding representation among faith communities that exists around the state of Alabama who support the purpose and principles of the AFC.   Working together to address issues that affect us all is better than working alone to make Alabama a safer and stronger community to live in. 


Purpose Statement


AFC Prayer



Alabama Faith Council - P O Box 2113, Birmingham AL  35202 - 205-476-2558 -  www.alfaithcouncil.org

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